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I am experiencing high volumes of telephone calls from concerned dog owners during this unusually hot spell. Like other local groomers I am working overtime to try and accommodate clients but I thought I would put together some tips to help you and your pooch get through this period.

Firstly I must stress that clipping off a dog's coat is not necessarily the right thing to do especially the double coated long haired type dogs such as German Shepherds, Husky types, Border Collies etc. These coats are not designed to be clipped and if they are clipped will destroy the natural three layered coat growth. In fact what happens is that the coat will grow back thicker all at one length. The best plan of action is to book your dog in for a full groom out where the large quantity of thick undercoat will be removed and therefore the coat will be thinned out.

Ways to keep your dog cool

Don't allow your dog to sun bathe, especially white coated dogs as they are prone to skin cancer.
Give your dog a little paddling pool with a couple of inches of water in it so it can cool down in it. My Cocker Spaniel loves hers.
Give your dog a cotton sheet to lie on instead of the synthetic covers sold with the beds. Make sure their bed is not in the sun and is in a cool part of the house.
Avoid walking in the mid day sun. Choose walks which have a lot of shade and do not walk for so long. Take water with you to offer the dog.
Dogs will pant to cool down so don't be too alarmed however a dog suffering from heat stroke will pant excessively. Place the dog on a cold wet towel in a cool area and sponge down with cold water. Offer it some fresh cold water and if it won't drink sponge the mouth area to encourage it to drink. If the gums and tongue change colour you must get to vet as soon as possible.
Never leave a dog in a hot car even with the windows down.
Placing a wet cold towel on the floor and/or over a dog will help cool it.
Always provide ample fresh cold water which is not left in the sun. Ice cubes are also a good way to cool water and some dogs will enjoy chewing them. Some pet shops sell a meat flavoured ice lolly type treat.
If you can't avoid walking in the direct sun consider buying a pet sun block. This is especially applicable to white coated dogs or dogs with very thin hair growth.
Like us, dogs can get a bit grumpy in the heat so avoid stressful situations which may upset your dog such as young children teasing or wanting to play with it.
There is a fabulous dog coat on the market which is like a chamois leather that you soak in water and place on the dog. I use one and although I receive a lot of verbal abuse from well meaning people thinking I am being cruel my dog is beautifully cool underneath it. Look up Cool coats for dogs I really recommend them.

I hope these tips are helpful and in the meantime whilst waiting for an appointment to have your dog groomed try and brush out the coat from the skin outwards by lifting it up to get out as much of the undercoat as possible, you will need to purchase a "Slicker Brush". In the mean time try and enjoy this wonderful weather.


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