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The following photos are just a sample of some of the dogs that are done on a daily basis.

Please remember dogs are clipped to customer requirements. The clip and style you receive for your dog can be different to what you see below to meet your requirements.

Christmas dogs selection

Sonia and Dave's Wedding with Audrey Audrey at Sonia and Dave's Wedding
A Shitzu with her happy owner A Cocker Spaniel
A Shitzu A Yokshire Terrier
A Maltese Terrier A Cavachon
A Cavalier King Charles A Cocker Spaniel
Another happy dog at Handsome Hounds and Pretty Pooches A Cocker Spaniel
A Cocker Spaniel A Cavalier King Charles
A Cavachon A Yorkshire Terrier
A West Highland Terrier An English Springer Spaniel
A Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen A Sheba Inu
A Miniature Schnauzer A Bedlington Terrier
A Cocker Spaniel Spaniels
A Pug In the dog parlour
Happy dogs at Handsome Hounds
Grooming at Handsome Hounds A Cocker Spaniel


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