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Services available at Handsome Hounds & Pretty Pooches Dog Grooming Studio

So sorry but not accepting new clients at present due to workload. Please try again later in the year.

STUDIO HOURS (subject to slight change)

Monday to Friday

First appointment 9.15am and last appointment 4.45pm.

The studio is not open at weekends unless for emergencies.

Emergency appointments

In an emergency I can open up the Studio out of opening hours. Please telephone to discuss. There would be an out of hour charge for this service.

Services available

Specialist care for elderly, anxious/nervous and challenging dogs
Bathing and drying (no heated drying cabinets are used)
Specialist top quality shampoos
Clipping and scissoring
Ultra sonic teeth cleaning
Nail trimming
Ear cleaning and plucking
Anal gland emptying
Brushes and shampoo sales
Easy free parking on drive

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A complete grooming service consists of:

A full discussion with you about your pet. Assessing the coat condition, your dogs requirements. I always have the dog's best interest at heart and will always put your dogs comfort first. If your dog is matted then the matt's will be removed, I do not de-mat heavily matted dogs as it is too painful for them.

A complete groom out looking for foreign bodies, lumps or injuries.

A clip or scissor to owners specification if possible. Bring in a photo of your preferred look if you like. PLEASE NOTE all matt's will be cut or clipped off. This is the kindest way as de-matting can be uncomfortable and cause upset to the dog. If you do not want your dog to have its matt's removed please ensure your dog is not matted when it arrives.

A quality shampoo and canine shower. Washing every part of the dog including those horrid smelly areas!  A facial cleanse to remove those nasty smells and eye build-ups and a therapeutic massage to relax tense muscles. A top quality professional canine shampoo designed for different types of hair and skin conditions suited to your dog will be used and I guarantee all the water is fresh and not recycled. There is a strong emphasis on using natural scented shampoo to prevent any reaction afterwards. This type of shampoo costs more than the basic ones but I feel it is worth it.  I can use your own veterinary prescribed shampoo if necessary. A fresh & clean warm towel is used on each dog to towel of excess water before blow drying.

Blow dry (I do not use a heated cabinet). Rest assured knowing your dog is blow dried in professional grooming driers and is supervised at all times.

Ear cleaning. Removing excess ear wax, any parasites present and deodorizing the ear, also plucked if required.

Nails will be cut free of charge when having a complete groom. This is providing the dog will allow me to. Some dogs get very distressed at this, if so, we will not continue. Nail trims for pooches not needing a pamper are also available.

Nail trimming at Handsome Hounds

A cologne spray to finish (providing dog has no skin problems) and a FREE bow or bandana, and at special times a photo.

The final step is to give your pampered pooch a treat to say well done! If your dog has a digestive problem you can bring it's own treats for me to give if you wish.

Upon collection you will be informed about anything we have come across or found. Nicki wants to make sure that each owner leaves the salon feeling 100% satisfied with the outcome of their pooches pampering and aims to keep the owner educated and fully informed about their dogs' requirements by providing them with useful advice including how to groom their dog. You will be asked if you are happy with your pooches pampered look. I encourage feed back as I want you to go away happy having made your next appointment.

The studio offers an elite service by only having one dog in at a time. Your dog will not have to be dropped off and left all day but will need to be picked up within a required time scale (usually 1 1/2 - 2 hours or longer depending on breed). The studio may be able to offer a dog sitting service depending on availability but needs to be booked in advance. Prompt drop off's and pick ups are essential to enable a reliable service and your cooperation is appreciated.

Elderly, anxious/nervous and challenging dogs are a speciality handled by Nicki who understands and has the time to spend on each individual dog reading their body language. If your dog has a particular problem please don't hesitate to contact Nicki for further information. For problem dogs more time will be needed so the grooming charge will be slightly higher.


Satisfied owners with their dogs, and completed grooms

Satisfied owners with their dogs, and completed grooms

Additional extras

Anal emptying external expression only. For some dogs this is not possible to empty this way so it would be necessary to visit a veterinary surgeon as they will do an internal empty.

Teeth cleaning Using the Emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush and specially formulated toothpaste. This is a painfree procedure and providing the dog will allow the toothbrush in the mouth it is an excellent way of reducing bad breath and tartar. More than one session will be needed in most cases.

Teeth cleaning

Dogs being pampered in the studio/shampoos used

Only top quality luxury grooming products are used. You can also bring along veterinary prescribed shampoos if you wish.

My conditions

Please ensure before each appointment dogs have been brushed as all matting will be clipped or cut out as dematting is too painful.
If wet weather keep dog as dry and mud free as possible.
Dogs must come on a lead
Been to the toilet
Free from stitches
Be up to date with their vaccinations
Any behavioural problems are discussed at time of making appointment as more time may be needed for your dog
Late cancellation charges and charges for appointments not kept are applied
Owners arrive and collect on time


Sorry - I do not provide a hand stripping service.

Sorry - I do not offer a Mobile service.

Sorry, I do not offer a collect or delivery service (except in exceptional circumstances)

Sorry, I do not clip or groom cats.


To make an appointment phone Nicki on 07508 443451

If no reply please leave a message or text and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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