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Handsome Hounds & Pretty Pooches Studio Price Guide 2021/22

Please remember your dog is the only dog in the studio. You are paying for a complete One to One pampering session for your dog. There will be no other dogs present. No recycled water, no drying cabinets and no cages will be used.

Being an established groomer there is always a lead time before you can get in to have your dog groomed with me. I will do my best to fit your pooch in as soon as I can and I do have a cancellation list so you can always ask to be put on that but it is not a guarantee you will get an appointment any earlier.

You are encouraged to book your next appointment with me whilst at the studio to ensure your pooch gets an appointment within the required timescale which generally for clipped dogs will be 6 10 weeks depending on breed.

Prices listed are for a complete skin and coat assessment, a full groom out, clip, scissor to suitable requirement, hydro shower bath with quality shampoo and (conditioner if needed), facial cleanse to remove those nasty smells and eye build-ups, a therapeutic massage to relax tense muscles, a blow dry and an ear clean. A free of charge nail trim will also be provided if pooch co-operates. Kindness and titbits given free of charge! Cologne spray, bows and bandanas to finish off with. I am happy to use your shampoo if you prefer.

If you have a pooch with special needs/requirements that's no problem. Please give me a ring to discuss. I am happy to work with nervous and naughty dogs, dogs with skin or ear trouble, snappy dogs and also the weak and elderly. Respect and careful handling will be provided to all dogs no matter what they may have.

I do ask that pooches are brushed before they come to remove any dried mud/sand and they arrive dry as I work with a dry coat first. Dogs arriving wet, sandy or muddy may be turned away as there will not be enough time to do a full groom as I would need to wash and blow dry first before being able to clip. Please give them a chance to go to the toilet BEFORE arriving. Please do not let them toilet outside my neighbours gardens! I don't want them getting upset. Please do pick up after your dog. If you have forgotten a poo bag please ask me for a free one. I do appreciate your co-operation with that. Thank you.

Prices listed below may vary slightly either way. No two dogs are the same so these prices are listed as a guide. If your dog is very overgrown or matted or larger than breed standard or has a behavioural problem the price might increase. If your dog breed is not listed please ring me.

Please note: I no longer do large breeds due to back trouble (you can tell I'm a groomer!) dogs must weigh less than 28 kgs. Your vet will have a record of your dog's weight if you are not sure. Please note I do not do hand stripping.



When you book an appointment with me I am solely reserving 1 1/2 - 2 hours at least for your dog alone. If you then decide after booking you no longer require the appointment please contact me to cancel it as soon as possible. This will enable me to offer it to someone else. I do charge for missed appointments and also for late cancellations which I am unable to fill so please just let me know if you plan on not coming. Thank you.


To make an appointment or discuss further please ring Nicki on
07508 443451


Please leave a message and I will phone you back as soon as I can.

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